Tuesday, November 11, 2008

meeting the mouse

i caught the mouse;
not to worry,
it was humane
and he has all
the comfort of home
until it gets light
enough to bring him
to the woods
down the street.

i confess i have
a soft spot
for him now.
after all, we have
known each other
for a while.
we've been through
a lot together.

i have come to see
him as a guest
as he's helped himself
to whatever crumbs
he found on
the kitchen counter.

i didn't want
the cat to catch him.

that soft spot
is like a door
to my heart
and it as though
he was the first one
I opened it for.

i wasn't elated to catch him.
i was elated to meet him
though he didn't feel
the same in return.
i whispered,
"you are safe.
stay calm."

those beautiful eyes
were God's.
i know.

inside a plastic jar,
air holes hammered in,
a little water,
a little cracker,
a little bit
of an old blanket,
I offered peace.

catching a mouse like this
is a test; can i love
this itty bitty critter?
yes, definitely, yes.


Irving said...

Just wonderful and filled with love for the humblest of God's creatures :) We have them too, and it makes us much neater... no crumbs :)

Ya Haqq!

Irving said...

Eid Mubarak, Dear Sister, to you and your family :)

Ya Haqq!