Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Portrait of Mor

fifteen years later,
you are not like a ghost.
we are settling in
to this routine of ears
not needed to hear
and eyes not needed to see.

every october,
my eyes and ears may still search,
but it is more gently now.
my heart is a bridge
from me to you.
as grief work finishes,
our new relationship
teaches me faith.

i never believed in God
until you died,
but you knew that
and said,

"remembering is like
the glimpses of that ocean
you found when you looked into my eyes."

and i remember how i would say,
"mom, when i look into your eyes,
i don't see the place where they end."

it was my first lesson
in the meaning of eternity.
it was the first time
i would learn the distance
between us is nothing
when i walk with the words,
"i love you".

yes, love can turn it all around,
leading a girl and her mother
to the same path
even after the mother's death.
i do not grieve anymore,
i just remember
the universe is too mysterious
to take you away. i know you hear
me when i say, "jag alskar dig."


Irving said...

You make me weep at this poignant and lovely remembrance poem :) So beautiful and so universally sweet.

Ya Haqq!

Dervish Sister said...

hey brother, i'm finally back in the swing of things, i believe. sorry i was gone so long!

Pawanjit Kaur said...

Sikhism . Karsewa
Surinder Singh