Monday, February 11, 2008


to mention them all
would take a lifetime.
here are just a few:
tulip, tomato, woman,
river, camel, whale,
raindrop, star, bird,
pearl, lion, cloud,
tree, beetle, moon…

if you were to search
within each one
and search within again
and again and again,

farther than any microscope
could go, you would be amazed
to find every atom swirling
around and around and around
the One. within you is a root
going back to Him that contains
the answer to every secret,
the remedy for every doubt.
the heartbeat of everything
in the universe. you, alone,
would be nothing if you knew
you are not you, but a God-seed
of the eternal Truth.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! This is the Truth in perfect poetic form :) May I have permission to repost it on Darvish with a link back to you? It fills my heart with joy it read it.

Ya Haqq!

Love.Peace.Love.Peace said...

wow, i am honored, brother! thank you. :)

katib said...


Through Br. darvish; the mystic of love, I read your poetry.

"within you is a root
going back to Him.."

Keep watering your root with the overflowing spring of your poetry so that the universal Truth within shall bloom.


"Ruba Saqr" said...

Allaaaaaaah !!! I love the One, I love how beautifully peaceful you lead us towards Him... our eternal Love